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Flight Out of Hell by Nicolas Trudgian.

Flight Out of Hell by Nicolas Trudgian.

On February 15, 1944, a force of B-24s, B-25s and A-20s hammered the heavily defended Japanese base at Kavieng. Several aircraft, however, were forced to ditch; three downed B-25 crews from 345th Bomb Group floating helplessly in life-rafts within a thousand yards of the beach, and the Japanese troops were in no mood to take prisoners. Their only chance of survival was the air-sea rescue PBY Catalina. Nicolas Trudgians dramatic reconstruction depicts Lt. Commander Nathan Gordons PBY Catalina making its final take-off, the intense enemy gunfire from the shore making his mission seemingly impossible. But the young pilot got all 25 men aboard safely home, and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for what is one of the bravest actions of the war in the Pacific.
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PRINT Signed limited edition of 600 prints.

Paper size 33 inches x 24 inches (84cm x 61cm) Cavoli, William J
Brately, John
Lewis, Robert E
Gordon, Nathan
+ Artist : Nicolas Trudgian
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Other editions of this item : Flight Out of Hell by Nicolas Trudgian DHM2024
Limited edition of artist proofs. Paper size 33 inches x 24 inches (84cm x 61cm) Cavoli, William J
Brately, John
Lewis, Robert E
Gordon, Nathan
+ Artist : Nicolas Trudgian
60 Off!Now : 180.00VIEW EDITION...
Signed limited edition of 600 prints.

Paper size 33 inches x 24 inches (84cm x 61cm) Cavoli, William J
Brately, John
Lewis, Robert E
Gordon, Nathan
+ Artist : Nicolas Trudgian

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**Signed limited edition of 600 prints. (One print reduced to clear)

Ex display prints in near perfect condition with slight border damage.
Paper size 33 inches x 24 inches (84cm x 61cm) Cavoli, William J
Brately, John
Lewis, Robert E
Gordon, Nathan
+ Artist : Nicolas Trudgian
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Extra Details : Flight Out of Hell by Nicolas Trudgian.
About all editions :

A photogaph of an edition of the print :

February 15, 1944: FLIGHT INTO HELL! After the very successful attack on Dagua, the 500th participated in what proved to be one of the 345th Group's most difficult missions. With several supply and gasoline dumps blazing as a result of the prior 38th Bomb Group attack, Capt. Max Mortensen attacked with nine 500th strafers. Mortensen, in RITA'S WAGON, plunged into the smoke of the existing blazes, stringing his 500-pound bombs through the supply areas from the main wharf to Chinatown. Meanwhile Capt. Michael Hochella's STUBBORN HELLION, in the lead of a three plane flight, was ripped open from 'stem to stern', with gashes every six inches or so along the left side of the plane. After a convincing strafing and bombing of the target, he noticed that he had an engine out. Meanwhile the second wave of planes took the brunt of the AA fire. Lt. Thane Hecox led one group skirting the shoreline, while the 500th Operations Officer, Capt. William J. Cavoli, led the group to the right. As they raced across the target, 1/Lt. Robert E. Lewis, Cavoli's navigator, saw 55 gallon gasoline drums sailing skyward. Suddenly Hecox's right engine burst into flames. His aircraft began a shallow decline, which ended in a fiery explosion at the edge of Chinatown. Capt. Sylvester A. Hoffman, the plane's navigator, was on his last mission before his scheduled return to the U.S. Cavoli, flying on instruments going through the dense smoke, lost his right engine which caught fire. He fought to keep his B-25 airborne, but recognized he was losing the fight and prepared to ditch. He leveled out as he crossed the shoreline and held the plane in the prescribed tail down ditching position. The aircraft hit the water, skipped, and bounced again, finally burying it's nose in the side of a large wave. Fortunately Cavoli, copilot Lt. George Braun, 1/Lt. Robert Lewis, S/Sgt. John Murphy, Sgt. Weldon Isler and T/Sgt. Thomas B. Freeman made it out okay and into the life raft, as the plane sank. After exiting the Kavieng target area, Capt. Hochella had to put the STUBBORN HELLION down as they had ran out of luck. Landing about 75 yards from an island, the crew survived the ditching. with the exception of 1/Lt. John J. Howard, Hochella's navigator/bombardier, who was missing and presumed to have gone down with the aircraft when it sank. Beside Hochella, those who made it to the edge of the island were 2/Lt. William H. Bright, S/Sgt. Elmore C. Stephens, Pvt. Clyde R. Lambert and S/Sgt. Sam Kellar made it to the edge of the island. Lt. JG Nathan Gordon (USN) earned the Medal of honor for his daring rescues on this day as pilot of a PBY Catalina. There were three crews floating in life rafts within a few thousand yards of Kavieng. Lt. Gordon made several landings in the Kavieng harbor area and, after loading nine downed airmen aboard, started a return to his home base. At this point, Maj. Chester Coltharp of the 498th squadron, radioed the PBY that he had spotted another crew (Cavoli's) in Kavieng Harbor and that he would fly cover for him if he would return to rescue them. At first Gordon was a bit reluctant to do so, since he already had 19 men on board his PBY (including his own crew) and was fearful that all of them would be killed immediately if they fell into Japanese hands. Nevertheless he felt that he could not leave any fellow airmen to face such a fate. So he circled in full range of shore batteries and, under heavy enemy fire, landed to take on Cavoli's crew of six. Ending his Flight into Hell with a total of 25 men aboard (including his own crewmembers), Lt. Gordon headed his PBY toward his home base near Finschafen, New Guinea. Subsequently, Gordon was awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroic rescue. Now back to Hochella and his crew. They heard Lt. Gordon make several landings between them and the target, and expected to be rescued by the PBY, but this didn't happen then. They heard the sounds of the engines fade into the distance and knew that they were now on their own, at least for awhile.

Signatures on this item
The signature of Amm John Brately (deceased)

Amm John Brately (deceased)
John Bratley was Mechanic on the Catalina PBY "Arkansas Travelor " 08139. Sadly John Bratley died in 2007.
The signature of Captain Robert E Lewis

Captain Robert E Lewis
Capt. William J. Cavoli's navigator on B25 of 345th Group who attacked the heavily defended Japanese base at Kavieng. His aircraft was shot down but he was rescued by Lt Nathan Gordon's Catalina.

The signature of Colonel William J Cavoli (deceased)

Colonel William J Cavoli (deceased)
William J. Cavoli was born in Philadelphia, PA on 22nd September 1919. Willaim Cavoli enlisted in the Army Air Corps in July of 1941. He attended basic training at Randolph, AFB, Texas. Cavoli was a pilot on B-25's of 500th Bomb Squadron. He saw service in New Guinea, Northern Solomons, Bismark Archipelago, Southern Philippines, Luzon Western Pacific, China, Ryukyus campaigns and the Air Offensive Against Japan. Captain Willaim J Cavoli pilot of B-25D "Snafu" 41 - 30054 which took off as part of the second wave of bombers over Javieng. Once over the target, Cavoli's B-25 experienced heavy anti-aircraft fire. After dropping their bombs and flying through heavy smoke, his B-25 was hit, setting the right wing on fire. Cavoli prepared to ditch the plane into Kavieng Harbor, without any hydraulic pressure or airspeed indicator. Cavoli's crew were to be rescued after 85 minutes in the water by Nathan Gordons PBY Catalina. After the war, Cavoli remained in the military and served in defense intelligence. He was stationed in Washington, DC, Florida, Rome, Guatemala, and Panama. He retired from the Air Force in June of 1972 as a full Colonel. Sadly Colonel William J. Cavoli died on 19th April 2007.

The signature of Lieutenant Commander Nathan Gordon (deceased)

Lieutenant Commander Nathan Gordon (deceased)
Lt. (jg) Nathan Gordon made four stall landings in his Black Cat PBY in rough waters of Kavieng Harbor to collect ditched survivors of the strike. Coming under intense enemy fire, he and his crew located and picked up 15 Army fliers shot down during the attack. His actions on this day earned him the Medal of Honor. Born in 1916, Nathan Gordon enlisted in 1941, training in Florida until February 1942, joining VP-34 flying PBY Catalinas. In June 1943 the squadron was posted to Hawaii, and subsequently flew missions over Midway and Tarawa, before moving to Australia on anti-shipping raids, then to Samarai Island, where the squadron acquired the nickname Black Cats. It was from here that Nathan Gordon completed the daring rescue mission for which he received the Medal of Honor. Sadly Nathan Gordon died on 9th September 2008.

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